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Honsun Realty is a leading real estate agency focused on residential Real Estate for buyers and sellers.


With 10 years experience, we are dedicated to making the home buying and selling experience positive and straightforward to all customers.


Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or need assistance selling an existing property, we will offer our integrity and experience to ensure that you get the best result.

Our Advantages

1. Quality listings and competitive price

We have top range, high quality sales listings where each property has been carefully selected from the Perth WA market, offering buyers the choice from million-dollar mansions to budget apartments. from existing properties to newly built projects.

2. Working with a professional team, this is your one-stop-service shop

Dedicated to the WA makret, we are a registered real estate agency recognised by REIWA, with over 30 licensed sales experts that always keep their professionalism in hand. Where you are looking to buy or sell, we will always give 100% to help you with your enquiries and meet your needs.

3. A decade in the marketing, trust us in the word-of-mouth

Our biggest pride and joy is not our impressive sales numbers but the recognition and support that our clients have given to us in return. We are committed to create a brand that signifies outstanding results through high quality service in the field.

4. Maximising client benefits

We always prioritise our clients' benefits, helping buyers to select the right projects for dream living or to obtain ideal investment results. For sellers, at Honsun we do not go on a branding exercise at your expense. We make sure all our clients are paying the right bill with no hidden costs.

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